Gears for Queers

I haven't really written about this on here because I suppose it didn't feel real/it makes me very anxious and I've been avoiding it, but yesterday 10 comp copies of Gears for Queers landed on our doorstep, and I can't avoid the box of books that I co-wrote staring at me any longer! So! Abi... Continue Reading →


(disclaimer: this is just a personal reflection, obviously I don't speak for the whole zine library!) In April my wife Abi and I left our home in Kirkcaldy for a 6 month bike ride across Europe. We were both excited to go but sad to leave lots of things, including the Edinburgh Zine Library behind.... Continue Reading →

S.A.D Party Fife #1

When I went to the local mental health support service, they told me that there was a men's group and a women's group, and I could join the women's group after some 1-on-1 sessions. Not exactly the informal, queer-friendly, peer support group I'd hoped for. I got in touch with a customer at the cafe... Continue Reading →

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