Think Positive – Zines and Student Mental Health

In the old world, I was going to be running a demonstration at the NUS Scotland's Student Mental Health conference, talking about zines and mental health and education. Instead, I did a zoom chat with Think Positive, which goes online today (Monday 11th May), the original day of the conference. My memory of what I... Continue Reading →

Baby’s first Online Zine Workshop

I recently facilitated my first Zoom zine workshop (although not technically my first online zine workshop, but I'll come to that) as part of the Young Friends of the Earth Online Skillshare. It was a wildly different experience from facilitating a in-person workshop, and I thought I'd just jot down some quick reflections since we... Continue Reading →

Gears for Queers

I haven't really written about this on here because I suppose it didn't feel real/it makes me very anxious and I've been avoiding it, but yesterday 10 comp copies of Gears for Queers landed on our doorstep, and I can't avoid the box of books that I co-wrote staring at me any longer! So! Abi... Continue Reading →


(disclaimer: this is just a personal reflection, obviously I don't speak for the whole zine library!) In April my wife Abi and I left our home in Kirkcaldy for a 6 month bike ride across Europe. We were both excited to go but sad to leave lots of things, including the Edinburgh Zine Library behind.... Continue Reading →

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