Take It Back – Update!

Howdy all! Thought I should give you an update on the Take It Back project. It's been a steep steep learning curve of fire. If I never have to format a 60-page zine to print in full colour again I will be happy. But, I've just got a test batch of 10 back from the... Continue Reading →

ZRCoE Chat and Write Meet

On Wednesday 18th August, 2-4pm BST I'm co-hosting a wee session working on the Zine Researcher's Code of Ethics - specifically looking at using zines in archives or libraries as a researcher. Sign up via email ljc72@kent.ac.uk. This is open to anyone interested or invested in zines being used in libraries and archives - but... Continue Reading →

Zine Making as Method

I made a video poster for the CHASE virtual encounters 2021 conference. It's my first time making something like this, so it's a little rusty, but I think it worked to convey some of the materiality of zines that's often lost in powerpoint! Below is a plain text version of the video - I'd prefer... Continue Reading →

Take It Back

Take It Back is a participatory zine making project made possible through an Unlimited Emerging Artist Award. The project came about because of the ways that many experiences of mental health and madness are made invisible by mental health campaigning and mainstream narratives that demand our experiences be coherent, positive, complete, verbal, linear and singular.... Continue Reading →

Zine Researchers Code of Ethics Open Meetings

There'll be two opening meetings to discuss collaboratively writing a Zine Researchers Code of Ethics (ZRCoE). There are two meetings to try and accommodate people from as many time zones as possible - you can chose which to attend. All are welcome - if you're interested in having conversations about how researchers use zines to... Continue Reading →

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