Risoprinting Workshop at Mutual Press

In a departure from usual, this time I was attending a workshop rather than facilitating one! As part of Edinburgh Zine Library, I set up a workshop with Mutual Press, at the Mutual Co-op, for members to learn more about risoprinting. It's something we are often asked about in our zine workshops, and people often... Continue Reading →

Encountering Cities: A Zine Workshop at Edinburgh Uni

I was approached by Dan, a senior lecturer in the Geography department, after a mutual acquaintance put us in touch (someone who had bought my vegan Edinburgh map also worked in his department). Dan was interested in getting students making zines as part of their encountering cities module. Part of the module was to complete... Continue Reading →

Risographed Posters

My partner and I are getting married (well, civil partner-ed) in September. Instead of wedding gifts we are asking for contributions towards our next cycle tour, but we feel weird about friends and family handing us money. So we came up with the idea of a pay-what-you-want Merch table, with the merch doubling up as... Continue Reading →

Young People’s Workshops Part II

Finally, my slightly delayed reflections and resources from the second workshop the Zine Library ran at Edinburgh Central Library over the summer holidays. The second workshop we ran was advertised with an older age bracket – 13-18 year olds. Whilst in the first workshop we focused on fanzines, for this workshop we wanted to introduce... Continue Reading →

Young People’s Workshops – Part One

We were invited to run workshops for young people at the Edinburgh Central Library over the school holidays. We’re always keen to try new things, and the central library has enabled the zine library to exist as it does, so we were very happy to. The library set up two 2hr workshops – 2pm-4pm, with... Continue Reading →

Cornwall Zine Library Residency

I've spent the last week in Penryn, Cornwall, at a week long residency with Cornwall Zine Library at Fish Factory Arts Space. It's been inspiring and left me with lots to chew over on my nine hour train ride back to Edinburgh. Whilst there I finished four zines and have another two that are nearly... Continue Reading →


2008/2009 is a 12 page A5 zine about my first contact with mental health services when I was 17/18 years old. You can find it on my etsy shop here or I'm open to swaps/trades.  

When your friend is sectioned.

Content Notes: discussions of self-harm and suicide, detention under the MHA ... In 2009, six weeks into my first term at university, I was sectioned. I was driven from my halls of residence by a mental health nurse, and admitted to an acute psychiatric ward in the nearby city. I was 18, 200 miles away... Continue Reading →

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