Wellcome Zine Clubs in Lockdown

The Wellcome Collection took their monthly zine clubs onto instagram live in lockdown, and it’s one of the few things I’ve been consistently tuning into. I thought I’d start collection the zines I made into one place. April Zine Club Theme: Indoors My first ever virtual zine club, and it was really nice to sitContinue reading “Wellcome Zine Clubs in Lockdown”

Think Positive – Zines and Student Mental Health

In the old world, I was going to be running a demonstration at the NUS Scotland’s Student Mental Health conference, talking about zines and mental health and education. Instead, I did a zoom chat with Think Positive, which goes online today (Monday 11th May), the original day of the conference. My memory of what IContinue reading “Think Positive – Zines and Student Mental Health”

Baby’s first Online Zine Workshop

I recently facilitated my first Zoom zine workshop (although not technically my first online zine workshop, but I’ll come to that) as part of the Young Friends of the Earth Online Skillshare. It was a wildly different experience from facilitating a in-person workshop, and I thought I’d just jot down some quick reflections since weContinue reading “Baby’s first Online Zine Workshop”