Digital Zine Workshops

So, as we come up to a year since the great shift to digital, I thought it was worth writing up some of my experiences of digital zine workshops - both run independently and as part of Edinburgh Zine Library. These aren't absolute rules, but reflections on my own practice. I'm sure you can disregard... Continue Reading →

Ghosts, a story about learning to live with voices.

(Disclaimer: this 100% would be a zine if I wasn't currently cycling through France, so bear with.) SPOILER ALERT - lots of chat of the plot of Ghosts CW: experiences of voice hearing, unusual experiences, liberal interpretation of a comic sitcom 'Watch this with me, it's funny and I want to watch it with you.' My... Continue Reading →

Shadow Song

This is a 8 page A5 black and white comic drawn with brush pen, fine liner and a white Posca marker. It was inspired by a walk that took me past the closed Forth Park Hospital in Kirkcaldy, and a mountain goats song. It's about loss, ownership, and the spaces of our dreamscape. A very... Continue Reading →

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