Zine Researchers Code of Ethics Open Meetings

There'll be two opening meetings to discuss collaboratively writing a Zine Researchers Code of Ethics (ZRCoE). There are two meetings to try and accommodate people from as many time zones as possible - you can chose which to attend. All are welcome - if you're interested in having conversations about how researchers use zines to... Continue Reading →

Zine Traitor – a presentation about the potential for a Zine Researchers Code of Ethics

I gave this presentation for the first in the UK Archives PhD Network Seminar Series, alongside excellent work from Alice Doyle and Lucy Brownson, and with thanks to Kirsty Fife for organising/hosting. I wanted to lay out some of my thinking around writing a Zine Researchers Code of Ethics. This is the transcript from the... Continue Reading →

Digital Zine Workshops

So, as we come up to a year since the great shift to digital, I thought it was worth writing up some of my experiences of digital zine workshops - both run independently and as part of Edinburgh Zine Library. These aren't absolute rules, but reflections on my own practice. I'm sure you can disregard... Continue Reading →

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