ZRCoE Chat and Write Meet

a turquoise background with a filing cabinet drawn in thin black line over the top. text in black, with a white background, as if cut and paste over it, reads zines and archives, ZRCoE Chat and Write, Wednesday 18th August, 2-4pm BST, Zoom, email ljc72@kent.ac.uk for more details and to sign up
On Wednesday 18th August, 2-4pm BST I’m co-hosting a wee session working on the Zine Researcher’s Code of Ethics – specifically looking at using zines in archives or libraries as a researcher. Sign up via email ljc72@kent.ac.uk. This is open to anyone interested or invested in zines being used in libraries and archives – but especially zine researchers and zine makers!

Come along if you’d like to participate in the discussion and co-writing, which will contribute to the work on the Zine Researcher’s Code of Ethics. This won’t be a formally faciliated discussion, more like a co-working or open collaborative space. To find out more about the idea of ZRCoE you can read the blog post linked here. We’ll be meeting on Zoom – there will be auto-captions and transcription via Otter.ai but if you need captions or have any other access needs please let me know when you sign up. There won’t be any requirement to speak or have your camera on if you don’t want to, and there will be ways to participate through writing or drawing alone if you prefer this.

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