Zine Researchers Code of Ethics Open Meetings

There’ll be two opening meetings to discuss collaboratively writing a Zine Researchers Code of Ethics (ZRCoE). There are two meetings to try and accommodate people from as many time zones as possible – you can chose which to attend. All are welcome – if you’re interested in having conversations about how researchers use zines to do research, or do research about zines then come along – this includes all types of researchers, zinesters and zine librarians. For an idea of what we’ll be talking about you can check out the Zine Librarians Code of Ethics – this is the link to it on the zine libraries site – or this link to my recent blog about a ZRCoE.

The meetings will be held on Zoom on Friday 7th May 09:00 – 10:15 UTC and Saturday 8th May 20:00 – 21:15 UTC.

UTC stands for Universal Coordinating Time – it’s the same as GMT (which means that, for example, at the moment the UK is UTC+1).

The meetings should be live captioned, I’m just confirming details now and will come back and update this. If you have any other accessibility needs or requests then please get in touch as soon as possible via ljc72@kent.ac.uk. Please also get in touch with any questions.

If you’re interested in helping facilitate or support the meeting then the more the merrier – just get in touch via email.

You can sign up by emailing me at ljc72@kent.ac.uk or by filling in a google form – this is the link to the google form.

All information collected will be deleted once used to send the zoom link.

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