Wellcome Zine Clubs in Lockdown

The Wellcome Collection took their monthly zine clubs onto instagram live in lockdown, and it’s one of the few things I’ve been consistently tuning into. I thought I’d start collection the zines I made into one place.

April Zine Club

Theme: Indoors

My first ever virtual zine club, and it was really nice to sit and focus on one thing for two-whole-hours, since I’d been all over the place. I stayed where I was comfortable, brush pen and paper.

May Zine Club

Theme: Care

In May I took to my bed, and allowed the afternoon light that filters through the trees at the back of our flat to inspired a reflective watercolour zine about the ways that care flows through our relationships.

June Zine Club

Theme: Anger

I was tied up with publication of gears for queers when this zine club happened, so I parked the theme for later, which was actually a good move because it needed some time to reflect. I started with very pale watercolour and then switched to gouache because the saturation just worked better with the images. I wanted to think about how to be an ally to anger, rather than centring ourselves in/through it.

July Zine Club

Theme: Snacks

I decided to make a different type of zine – for this I scored and prefolded, and then bound, thick watercolour paper. I decided to do some papercutting, cos I was really into the colour density of the gouache and I wanted to take that even further! I chose snacks past and present, and spent much of the time on video call with my pal Jenny, who was sewing a zine at the same time. I thought the two tone would translate to riso well, one day. A nod to maybe thinking beyond the next few days, finally.

August Zine Club

Theme: Friendship

Since zine club has been a semi regular fixture for me and my best pal Jenny it would have weird for this zine not to be about our friendship. I decided to base it on the box of letters I have that we have sent each other over the last 10+ years, and since I don’t have any paper left at home I used index cards instead, and bound it like last month’s since I really liked the look and feel of that!

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